Welcome to Radio Pro DJ's!  Forget everything you know or have seen when it comes to mobile DJ entertainment companies.
Radio Pro DJ's is the first DJ company of its kind.  Partnering with highly sucessful radio stations and utilizing their on-air talent.  No rookies no wananbees.  Names you know and trust.  Over the years my company has had divisions in Detroit, Milwaukee, Chicago, and is now based in Springfield, Illinois but Serves all of Central Illinois.  For over 35 years our focus has always been on YOU the customer.
Why is big city success and experience important to you?  It's simple, we've done literally THOUSANDS of events!  There is rarely an event situation we haven't seen or handled SUCCESSFULLY.  Other DJ companies in the area simply don't have that kind of experience.  And in this business experience is everything!  Weddings, Corporate Events, Family Fun Nights, and Anniversary Parties are our primary events.  But, we've also performed at large scale events like: syncronized fireworks displays (over a 1/2 million people on Milwaukee's lakefront), to interactive charity events for Children's Hospital, Make-A-Wish Foundation, MDA, and more!  Again, experience is everything!
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From my local radio show on 100.5 WYMG - Springfield's Classic Rock, to my radio show on 101.9 The WolfWREE Rewind 92.5 Champaign, to the voice of 20+ Pure Oldies format stations across the country, I can't believe it's been almost 40 years since I began my Radio & Mobile DJ Career.  Where does the time go?  It all began in 1981 when I was the "music geek" & "class clown" in school and was asked to DJ my junior high school dances with a basic home stereo system and a bunch of cassette tapes.  As primative as it was, I was hooked.  In high school I "advanced" to professional sound gear with turntables and beat mixing.  In the mid-80's along came the CD, the start of the digital age and the start of my radio career.  Radio seemed to perfect transition from the mobile DJ entertainment world and back again.  Now, having the success of a broadcast career, a successful voice-over career (Sean Lynch Creative) and applying those skills to my mobile DJ entertainment business, I have never been more excited about the future.  Now, with the addition of laptop computers, digital music libraries, LED light systems, custom room lighting, and interactive websites, the sky is truly the limit.  Again, I'm hooked!  The wealth of experince and the beauty of the new technology is that it makes it even easier to serve our customers.  But the basics, for me, still remain.  Customer service.  How can I make this incredible technology work for my customers?  That's the challenge and I embrace it everyday with open arms.  
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